Sunday, March 30, 2008

SURPRISE!!! New Growths Abound!

I stumbled upon something today. (I'm glad something good is happening, because I've been sick for days now, and I need something exciting to happen!). Anyway, I was poking around my plants and I found a surprise! Two broken pieces of Chocolate Soldier leaves have been laying in this pot for weeks. I thought I could see some fuzzy new green growth on the edges of them, and sure enough, there were new babies growing on the ends of them! I read how easy these guys, succulents, multiply, but I didn't think I'd be luck enough to experience it myself. Here's some closeups of the little guys, (I hope I didn't mess them up by picking them up to look a them, but who could resist it?):
As you can see from above and below, these leaves were broken up, not even clean cut from the plant. One of the leaves only had half of it remaining, but they are little survivors!
So this, of course, provoked me to do some poking around. I found another shocking surprise! Guinevere has babies! See the little "rosettes" growing along the edge of a leaf that had fallen off? I can't believe it:
So then I looked around and found some more suckers growing. The one on the left is a plant that I haven't listed yet. It has tiny leaves, and little white flowers. I don't have the name right now, but I'll be sure to find out. One of its tiny leaves fell to the dirt and then started a new baby, plus a baby Jelly Bean plant grows next to a shriveled "Momma" leaf. You know how those Jelly Bean plants LOVE to reproduce.
I'll keep poking around my garden and see what else I can find. In the mean time, I pulled off some leaves of some plants I'd really love duplicates of, but of course they'll probably never grow 'cause I want them to!


Julie said...

Very exciting discoveries!!! I am excited to see this also! It's a happy day!!!

Kelly said...

Isn't it exciting! I really love the little pink babies that are growing around a leaf in the pot of Guinevere. It's so pretty!