Monday, March 24, 2008


Mom's gnome, Sir Frederick! My mom has the gnome bug! She's got a couple others besides this one. She picked this one up at Raley's, which is grocery story chain up here in Northern Nevada. Isn't he spunky and cute?! My Mom's got all sorts of garden creatures. Maybe when we come up in the summer, I'll do a blog on all them! There just starting to get things going on their garden at this point!


Julie said...

Sir Frederick is a doll. Gonna go check out your new blog right now!

Kelly said...

Isn't he something?! Hee-hee! I forgot to mention the forest my Mom has in her home too. You can see it in the background. I took some great clippings home, which I'll take photos of and post when I am done with my exam, (which I should be studying for right now, bad Kelly!)