Saturday, March 29, 2008

Look Who's Got WHISKERS!

My little devil is all grown up from when I wrote about him on March 15th, and it clear we've got a baby cactus here! Isn't he cute? I started growing him on March 2nd, so he's almost a month old. Here's two more little guys, a different kind of cactus with whiskers and I think possibly a conophylum, both of them are the same age as my little devil:


Julie said...

How cute are they? They make me think of little pokemon creatures!!! LOL. They are adorable right now...will be fun to watch them grow! You are amazing with your seeds!

Kelly said...

I think my seedlings are what provoked me to refer to my "no so green thumb." I've lost a couple, or they've just disappeared it seems, but I'm glad I've got a couple left! Isn't he so cute though? I feel like he's got a personality of his own! He is like a Pokeman! LOL!