Saturday, March 15, 2008

How's My Project Going?

My project is going pretty good, for the most part. I received my packets including a bonus packet of 20 cactus and succulent seeds. That was really cool! I love bonuses. When they said the seeds were tiny, they weren't kidding. They are extremely small. I'll have to get pics to share with you, but just think of a tiny piece of sand, and that'll give you an idea of their size. Really, really small. After planting the seeds, (basically laying them on top of the moist soil and tapping them lightly) I misted the top of them and put them into the Aquarium, creating a sort of greenhouse. (I really want a greenhouse now, and have been reading up on them).

Oh, and I guess I should tell you what I planted, right? In the first two pots, I planted Lithops. In the second row of two I planted Conophylum (which aren't doing so great), and in the last row, I planted the mix, which is revealing some really cool specimens.

Then the waiting game began...tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock. I planted the first 6 on March 2nd, and the last one using Lithop seeds in the square container on March 4th. I did this to test out the "actual" instructions that came with my seeds. That is to simply plant them in a pot filled with moistened soil and cover with plastic wrap. Both methods were successful, however I think the aquarium method worked the best, so after about three days, I removed the plastic wrap from the square pot and put it in with the other six. I was getting some transparent, spindly ones. They seem much happier!

So it's been 11 and 13 days respectively for all my plants and in the next post I'll post some great pictures of them.

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Julie said...

Nice window unit for your plants!