Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Adventures in Succulent Gardening

I decided to bring some of my succulent plants indoors. I keep reading about what ideal indoor plants they are, and I live on the third floor and have lots of big floor-to-floor windows with loads of bright light! I think the lighting might even be better in this room, and my bedroom then on my balcony! My cats may be the only problem. See, this is their hangout, their abode. I didn't take over Stella's comfy pillow seat by the window, where she bird watches, sleeps and relaxes. Both her and Jack were quite content sniffing the plants by their perch. I'm hoping they'll get along marvelously. Let's hope!

(P.S. As I wrote this, Jack jumped up and knocked over my tall planter....thanks Jack. Lava rocks everywhere. Thank goodness for my new dust-buster)!

That's Miss "Queen-Bee," or should I say, "Queen Cat" Stella relaxing next to the plants. (Click on the photo to see Stella and my plants close up). By the way, I think they've actually perked up a bit! Seriously! I was worried about the three in the largest pot. They weren't really doing much, but with daylight all day long, they already seem to be leaning and lifting up towards the light. Yeah!

That's a new plant in the tall slender pot, which I picked up at a place that I found totally by accident on my way to La Crescenta. I believe the place was called "La Cresenta Nursery." They've got so many plants, but not quite as many succulents as I would have liked, however, the nusery went on forever. It was like a botanical garden! They have a great variety of pots. The terracotta pots are very reasonably priced. (That neat slender one I got for $2.49). They have great statues for your garden too. I really want a native Indian statue! They're really expensive though.

My real intent on heading to La Crescenta was to visit this great 99 cent store. It has a ton of great things for a buck! I picked up some whirly-gigs (picture below), and some rocks. I wanted to try and disguise my cool, plump Split-Rock I got from Donna. It's still pretty green, so it doesn't disguise so easily, but it looks pretty cool, don't you think?

Here's my new whirly-gig amongst my husband's gorgeous Aloe Vera. I got two, but one doesn't twirl. Oh well, it looks nice and it only cost a buck!

That's about it for my adventures. I need to blog some more of my plants. I think I'm up to 45 species at this point. That's crazy!!!!! Only thousands more to go! (Hee-hee)


Donna said...

That looks really nice, Kelly. I like it! Hee-hee, Stella looks so cute next to the plants. The whirly gig is so cool! I think I need to do some succulent shopping today even though I'm dead broke.

Julie said...

Your succulents look so nice in the house! The kitties are always so darn curious...but make up for it by being so darn cute! Love your split rocks!!! I see Donna got one too...we will have to tell each other if anything happens to them, and why...if we can figure it out. I'm just watching and praying I dont do anything wrong!

Kelly said...

I want to get some more plants too, but I haven't found too many different than what I already have! It makes it more exciting to go out looking though!

One of the cats knocked over another plant last night, but this time it was one of my new houseplants. It's very annoying, and what a mess.

Julie..yeah, Donna picked me up a plump one! It's so neato. It's from the same family as my Baby Toes, so I'm taking it easy on watering them. I love your tire gardens...when I get a yard, I've got to try that! It's very cool, and the plants you picked were great.