Sunday, February 3, 2008

WATCH CHAIN: Crassula muscosa

This nifty plant is called "Watch Chain," that I purchased recently. I picked it up at the California Cactus Center in Pasadena, California. I really don't have a whole lot to say about it right now, so I'll just get to the details!

Family: Crassulaceae (krass-yoo-LAY-see-ay)
Genus: Crassula (KRASS-oo-la)
Species: Muscosa (muss-KOH-suh) - meaning mossy and lycopodioides (ly-kop-oh-dee-OY-dees), which I read comes from the word lycopodium a genus of clubmosses, also known as ground pines.
Common Name: Watch Chain
Min Temp: to 32 degrees
Bloom: Bright YellowWhite/Near White - Late Summer to Early Winter
USDA Zone: Zone 10
Exposure: Bright Light
Origin: South Africa

A note on the species: I came across two different species, as you see above, but I think they both work. Can you have two species? I have no idea, but here you go anyway!

Here is what The Cactus Collection had to say about it:

"Crassula lycopodioides, native to Africa, forms spreading clusters of slender stems with densely stacked tiny leaves. Leaves are pointed, light green in color and arranged along the stems like scales. Known as the "Watch Chain". In habitat, Crassulas usually grow in rocky quartz fields.. Bright, filtered light and ample airflow. Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. Water with caution in winter, as the plant can lose its roots if the soil stays cold and wet for extended periods. Protect from frost to prevent scarring."


Julie said...

I have some Watch is very hardy...mine loves the full sun and dry conditions!

love2dance5962 said...

I am so confused with myself. I came on this computer to take a look at the website for a new novel I am reading, Twilight, but it ends up that your blog was up and I end up taking a look at everyones blogs. I just realized that I forgot about doing what I was supposed to do, because I was so interested in all this different things you and other people posted.