Friday, June 20, 2008

So What Subtropical Tree Did I Get????

That's right, I got myself a fig tree. I can't remember exactly how I came to the conclusion that I would get a fig tree. It really just happened. I think I read somewhere about growing trees in containers and a light bulb came on. I have always wanted a fig tree. I love figs. The trees are gorgeous, and I read that they grow very well in containers. They prefer a tight root ball, so tight spaces are good for them. I read that they have been known to grow even in cracks in the ground! And did you know that the figs are actually not a fruit at all, but an outside-in fleshy flower? That fact really surprised me!

So I got on this little kick that I had to get myself a fig tree. I had many concerns, such as how well would it do on my hot, third level balcony, and what if it gets too big to move it? I decided I would start by looking at them at Armstrong Nursery in Glendale, CA. They had several varieties: Brown Turkey, Kadota, Panachee (a nifty yellow green striped variety), and the White Genoa. I didn't buy the tree at that time. I was disappointed in what the nursery man told me, saying that he didn't recommend growing them on my balcony because of wind and heat. Still, couldn't I work around this some how? I have shade cloth and it's rarely windy on our balcony. I decided I would read about each variety and about figs in general, then I would decide.

I tried to talk myself out of it, but was unsuccessful. The idea of growing a fig tree filled my heart with joy. (It still does, so I know I made the right choice). There's something amazing about nurturing a beautiful tree such as a fig tree. So I picked one up at Armstrong's. I chose a White Genoa a.k.a. officially as: Ficus carica higo. I kind of wish I had chosen the Kadota, but the Genoa tree looked much healthier, and the kids thought I should pick it. I got home with my beauty; I was glowing with delight. Then I read some more about it and found out that it was a fast growing, large tree. Oops! I guess I missed that point. I must have been thinking about the Kadota, which would have been a great choice too. Well, I love the tree, so we'll see how it goes. I can keep it trimmed down. I will be reading up on pruning trees next. Above is the picture of it the day I got it. All the rest of the pictures were taken today.

Aren't the figs and leaves beautiful? I'm in love. This particular variety has what they call a "breba" crop. What this means is that it typically has two fruit crops; one in Spring and another in Fall. The Spring crop is called the breba crop. The "breba" crop grows on last season's growth, while the Fall crop grows on the new growth.

I think the leaves have grown a bit in the 8 days since I bought it. I repotted it in a big plastic pot, that would hold moisture much better than a terracotta pot, plus it would be a lot lighter. I sprinkled some pebbles on top to hold in moisture a bit and for decorative purposes. It's looks beautiful. can grow a lot of trees indoors too! And there are many trees that can be grown in containers. Anyway, I'm so thrilled with my new subtropical tree!

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Julie said...

Oh, is just beautiful!!! I love the leaves especially! You really picked a beauty. I love how it makes fruit twice a year! You will have to learn how to make fig newtons next! Wouldn't the kids love that??? great is this tree!!! I am so happy for you!

Kelly said...

Thanks Julie! It was so hot yesterday, that the leaves were drooping so bad on the tree. Poor thing. It's supposed to get upo 110 today!

Stephanie said...

Hey Kelly! Yes, Eric is a friend (with friends like that...). I haven't read your blog yet but I will! We're doing great. Hope all is well with your family!