Saturday, July 12, 2008

On Vacation!

Hi! I'm on vacation right now, up at my Mom's in Dayton, Nevada. I left on Wednesday, and have been up here for about three days. I promised my poor husband Bruce, who can't come up until next Thursday, that I would send him a photo from our favorite place to get Bloody Mary's, Bonanza in Virginia City, Nevada. I just had to tease him. Here I am cheering him with my yummy drink. He wrote me back after showing everyone in the office. His response was, "You suck!" Hee-hee.

Here we are having lunch at the Bonanza. I had a fantastic Shrimp BLT salad, which was made with "field greens," tomatoes, fabulous bacon, crumbled blue-cheese, vinaigrette and fabulous creole style shrimp on top. It was so darn good! Anyway, here's my Mom Leslie, Grandpa Tony, Micaela and Chloe waiting for lunch!
The smoke up here has been pretty bad, which is a bummer, but it's cleared up a little bit. Still, it's not as clear as it is usually, which I really love. It's because of the fires in California. The smoke is blowing East to Nevada.


Stephanie said...

You guys look so great! This is the first picture I've seen of Tony. Please tell your mom (and Tony) hi from me and give your girls a big hug. Hope you're having fun on your vacation!

Kelly said...

Thanks Steph! We are have fun! I've got to pop over to your blog! Love ya!

Julie said...

What a great looking family!!! You don't look like you could be a day over 17!!!

Kelly said...

Hee-hee! Thanks Julie! I am a day over 40 though! :O)))