Friday, June 20, 2008

"Baby Toes" Flowers Have Appeared!!

What a surprise! My first experience with the flowers of Baby Toes a.k.a. officially as: Ficoidaceae-Aizodaceae fenestraria, was a simple white, daisy-like flower, but boy was I surprised by the delicate shade of pink and yellow flowers that appeared on this one! You never know what you're going to get. I wrote about this recently here, and so far three flowers have appeared. In the picture below I only show two, but since then another has appeared, and if I'm not incorrect there will be a fourth one appearing shortly! Click to enlarge the pictures. The colors are unbelievable! Fairy tell like, if you ask me!


Julie said...

Oh cool! The flowers look like fried eggs at first glance! This is very exciting to see!!!

Kelly said...

Totally! Aren't they a funny little color? Real fine and delicate like. Very unusual!

MeganSloan said...

I did a search for succulent gardens and found your page. LOVE this plant. I haven't seen it bloom and now you make me really want one! I like how you have gotten your family into succulents. My mom is starting to get there but we both live where we have to bring the plants in for winter and she already has so many of them. Check out my blog at