Monday, June 2, 2008

My Weekend Wreath Project

I went to the Dollar Tree in San Fernando. My husband goes all the way out there to pick up flour tortillas at his favorite place. I told him I was hitching a ride along with him, which annoyed him a bit, but he got over it. Hee-hee. Anyway, I picked up some really neat things there. I bought the three wreaths, all for a buck each and then the flower arrangements were a buck each. You couldn't beat the price. I made the orange/red and yellow/white wreaths for $3 and I made the pink wreath for $2. I had the ribbon at home. Cool! I wanted some more permanent colors in my home. I love how my friend has flower wreaths throughout her house, so I'd been thinking about doing this for a while. Here are the other two that I made:

It was a lot of fun. All I used was the wreath, flowers, ribbon and a hot glue gun. Simple and fun!


Julie said...

Oh Kelly! These are so sweet! My favorite has to be the last one with the green ric rack, and pink with white dots ribbon!!! They are all just adorable!!!

Kelly said...

Thanks Julie! I had fun making them!