Thursday, June 12, 2008

My "Baby Toes": Ficoidaceae-Aizoaceae fenestraria

Remember me whining a while back about how terrible my "Baby Toe" succulent plant was doing? Or maybe I only whined to Donna about it? Hmm.... Anyway, here's how it looked in between the bad stage, including a picture of the pretty white flower that had bloomed. Not too long after this it started going down hill. Probably due to overwatering. I was so bummed out, 'cause my plant was getting all "smooshy" and I really loved my Baby Toe succulent plant. After that one started going down the toilet, I decided to pick up a couple of others, just in case I lost the first one. Well, I left the plant alone and believe it or not it recovered. Here's a picture of it now, with lots of new "toes":
Okay, so that's great, right? But what really got me wanting to blog about this excellent succulent specimen was the fabulous flower buds that appeared on one of my other plants. Three buds, to be exact! I was really surprised when I noticed these the other day. Here's a pic that shows the new flower buds growing on the plant on the right:

And then here's another great plant I have that's doing fabulous:

Anyway, I just had to share this. I've got another post coming up real quick! I'm excited to share with you my latest purchase, which I'm really excited about. Someone better get me a nice big yard, real quick like!). I'll give you a is subtropical and it bears fruit. Any guesses???


Julie said...

Are any of these it??? Persimmon, Pomogranite, Mango, Banana, Key Lime???? LOL...I think most of these are tropical, but I wanted to take a stab at guessing!!!

Hey, you have a real love of Baby Toes...I don't have any of these...Maybe this should be my next perchase!

Wait till you see what I bought tonight to add to my hanging wire baskets! I will give you a is a bunch of colorful toys from the dollar store!!! I will post it as soon as I can take a pic during daylight.

Kelly said...

Hey Julie! Oh boy! I can't wait to take a peek at your blog! I've been on a hiatus painting my living room. I finally broke down and decided to paint it after, 'cause it doesn't look like I'll be moving any time soon. Also, I'll blog my new plant too! You might not think of this one has being subtropical, as it doesn't seem like it would be!

Julie said...

I guess none of my guesses were correct!!! Can't wait to see what it is!!! You will be so happy in your newly painted room!

nen said...

Your plant that was going downhill... did it just get soft and droopy? I repotted mine and am noticing that there are tiny buds happening. I want it to come back like yours did ... any tips?

SoyMagnate said...

Mine is drying up at the root. How often do you water yours? Also mine is in a clay pot. thx