Sunday, July 13, 2008

Old Feedsack Quilt???

I finally made it to the community thrift store in Dayton, Nevada where my Mom lives. Bruce and I always mean to pop in there, but always choose the wrong day to go, as the place is usually closed! Anyway, my Mom and I were out having fun shopping, picking out plants for her back yard haven that we were working on. On the way home I asked her to stop really quick at the thrift store. We did, and I found this old, very funky quilt. I understand the time that goes into making quilts and also, I love anything old and vintage, especially textiles, so I wanted it.

It didn't have particularly attractive coloring or patterning, for that matter, nor was it put together all that well, but it had a since of the area famous for being the first place of gold discovery in Nevada and the flavor of the historical old west, and the fabrics looked fairly old. I didn't have $10 on me though. I spent it all earlier in the day. Mom had spent all her cash too. I wanted it though. My Mom thought I was odd for wanting it at first, but realized at the same time that I have an eye for old things and the passion for the history of them, the stories behind them. She said if it was there on Monday, (they're closed on Sundays), then I was meant to have it, but I couldn't get it off my mind.

When we got home, I went straight to Tony and asked him if he had $10 I could borrow, and he did. Mom drove me back to the store that was due to close in 30 minutes and I picked it up. I was elated. I am going to give the quilt to Bruce, but with instructions to treat it kindly. He's going to love it! He'll be up next Thursday, and I can't wait to show him.

When I got home with the quilt, I placed it in the washer and dried it afterwards. The colors brightened and it has a puckered look, which leads me to believe that it has never been dried in a dryer. Ooops! Still, I believe there's no point in owning cool vintage/antique pieces if they aren't used and enjoyed!

Later that night I couldn't sleep. I studied the quilt and the fabric pieces and began researching on the Internet. I found out that the fabric was quite old in my quilt and that many of the pieces, which I originally thought were broadcloth were actually linen, and very likely from old feedsacks which were popular especially during the 20s to the 50s. The feedsacks held flour and sugar, for example, and of course the fabrics from the sacks were utilized after they were emptied. They found their way into garments, bedding, curtains, etc. In the old days, nothing was wasted.

As far as the date of this quilt, I have no idea. It could be quite modern and put together with a combination of contemporary and vintage fabrics. I'm guessing that perhaps it was put together in the 60s or 70s, but I'm really unsure.

Below are closeups of some of the blocks in the quilt. She seemed to have themes in each block. You can click on each photo to view the blocks up close.

Below is the fabric on the back. It is much more gold-yellow than this picture and it has forts, rifles, and swords on it.


SandyQuilts said...

What a find .... I am SEW jealous. CONGRATS

Mary Emma Allen said...

This reminds me of some of the fabrics of my youth. My brothers had shirts made from some of the western and farming type designs.
I also sewed quilts with my grandmother that were made of feed sacks. Food for the chickens on their farm came in the bags.

What a treasure.

Kelly said...

Thanks Sandy! I'm SEW happy I got it! Hee-hee!

Mary Emma, that's so neat that you got to work on feed sacks that were from your grandmother's farm. I really wonder about the prints in my quilt. I'm thinking they're from the 40s or 50s? I'm not sure. Thanks for sharing.


Julie said...

This is one of the coolest quits ever! Love it! What a great find!

Kelly said...

Thanks Julie! I gave it to Bruce last night when he got in and he loved it! It's really neat! RARELY do I find anything real good at thrift stores, especially in L.A. where people are so quick to identify good finds that so they are snatched up really quick. I think they've got better stuff up in Northern Nevada thrift stores.

Eve said...

I am a lady oldre than dirt so I know these things, looks like fifties fabric to me too. Western themes were popular then. How lucky you are,,,no make that smart. Someone else might have passed this up.

Kelly said...

Thanks Eve! You're so funny. Thanks for the info. I wonder when it was put together? In the fifties or recently?

Julie said...

Hi Kelly!!! When does school start there??? I miss ya! How are all your plants doing? Hope the family is doing great!

jaytea said...

What an awesome find, and only $10. You are so lucky!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

This is so nice and what a great find! Soooooo cheap for $10.00. I agree with you in that if I have a quilt I use it. Otherwise it just sits folded up in a drawer and no one sees it and it is not enjoyed.