Monday, May 26, 2008

My Little Flower Garden

I needed some color on my balcony to mix up all of the green. I wanted to do a color theme, and I love the color mix I came up with: oranges, yellow, and peachy tones. I need to pot them, but that requires money, which I am low on at the moment, so I'll have to hope they can hang on until the money comes in to buy pots. Would you like to know what I purchased? The following picture will be a closeup, and I'll give you a breakdown below it of what I picked up. But before I do that, do you see the little pot of greens next to the yellow flowers on the left? That's one of my herb pots. I've got basil, parsley and chamomile growing in it and I started it from seeds! I have some indoors too. I clipped some basil for the pizzas we made last night. Nice young leaves that were oh-so-fragrant and tender.

Okay, so starting in the back, the flowers are as goes:

Three each of "#1 Iceland Poppy" in Yellow, Peachy-Pink & Orange Flowers: Scientific name: "Papaver nudicale"

In front from left to right:

"#1 Dwarf Dahlia 'Figaro' Dahlia" - "Dahlia x hybrida" - Yellow flowers
"Daisies" - Red Flowers (I don't have a tag w/this one, so I'll have to look it up)."Gold Coin" - "Asteriscus Maritimus" - Yellow flowers
A nice close up of the peachy-pink poppies with a new bud getting ready to open on the right hand side.

Here's a close up of the Yellow Dahlias and Red Daisies.

And a closeup of the Red Daisies and Gold Coins.

Above is a picture of my orange poppies.

And another picture above of my peach-pink Poppies. They look more pink in this photo, but they do have a "peachy" tone to them in person.


Julie said...

I love all of your flowersw...especially the poppies...they are just so sweet looking and tenderhearted!!! LOL. Have you heard from Donna at all? I am missing her and hope she is OK.

Kelly said...

Thanks Julie. Aren't they sweet? There's something whimsical about those poppies.

I was on a field trip with Donna last week with our daughter's school. She must just be taking a break from blogging or something. I'm sure she'll be back! :O)

Julie said...

Oh thanks, Kelly...good to know she is OK!