Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fly Tape and the Gnat Problem

I've got a real big gnat problem, inside and out. I'm trying a couple of things. The first was a brand of insecticidal soap spray from Schultz, which is not working and the second is good, old-fashioned fly-tape, which I picked up at the 99 cent store. I got four rolls for 99 cents, a great bargain! I was told about using tape at the California Cactus Center, but I wasn't sure about it. Within about an half-an hour I had all those gnats stuck at the top. Needless to say, I was shocked. I have one hanging by my tomato plants, which have a really bad infestation. I have to say that though that my tomatoes aren't doing so good generally anyway. I have some little caterpillar eating up all my plants. Darn caterpillar! At least you can pick them off fairly easy though. Still they ate a bunch of leaves before I caught on to them. Anyway, back to the gnats: I'm hoping the tape will eliminate a few of them from laying more eggs! Imagine all those babies!


Julie said...

I bet you were amazed at how fast they stuck in that tape...I was, just to hear about it!!! :)
Good luck!

Wicked Gardener said...

The gnats are bad at my house too. This weekend I would sit to have a drink and within 5 minutes one was swimming in my cup. I'll have to look for fly paper.

Kelly said...

Welcome "Wicked Gardner"! Yes, the flies are hanging around me wherever I go in my home. It's really annoying. I read through some of your posts...great stuff. Love the beer bottle edging. Very cool idea! I need a REAL yard!