Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blum Ranch Lilacs

I'm trying to remember who told us about Blum Ranch originally. I am blanking out on it for some reason! Anyway, whoever it was, and I will remember eventually, brought me the best peaches I had ever tasted. I have never been a peach person, but after my first Blum Ranch peach I was hooked, but they're not just known for their peaches and pears, they're also known for their lilac. I think we missed the majority of the blooms, but we got our flyer about two weeks ago and the period of blooming began on March 27th, and is due to end next weekend.

Blum Ranch is located in Acton, California. I would LOVE to live here. One day I dream of having some acreage of my own. Anyway, I took some photos of the old 100+ year old farm house, orchards, lilacs, some family shots, etc., to share with you. I even found a couple of blooming cactus plants to thrown in too! I hope you enjoy them. Oh and don't forget you can click on the photos to get a bigger view!

Blum Ranch farmhouse in the distance. We will walk down that road to view the lilac fields.

But before we walk down the road, we've got to go inside and check out what they have for sale. We found peach jam, honey, and of course, lilac. Chloe runs to the barn store.

Inside we find lots of lilac in containers, in shades of lavender, white and deep purple.

Now we are ready to head down the long road to the lilac fields. (Did I mention how beautiful the weather was this day?).

The sign leading us on our way to the fields.

And what's this I see? In Southern California, you're pretty much guaranteed to see some sort of cactus at any place you visit.

And look: it's blooming! This cactus will probably be covered with yellow flowers in a week or two.
On the road to the lilac fields, we come up to the old farm house. Isn't is absolutely fantastic. I start dreaming of living here immediately. There's so much farmland not being used any more. Awww...what would I plant??? It's hard work though, but I'm so sick of the city...

Here's the front of the house. I love the steps and the style of the front door. It doesn't seem like they've changed it much, but who knows.

Here's your blog host, (in the very back) and her two daughters, Micaela and Chloe. (Chloe's being usual).

And here's my husband Bruce in front of an old barn. That's it for our little family!

Chloe loves horses and reads everything about them. We need to get her some lessons. Anyway, she spied these gals a mile away. They seemed a bit shabby when viewed closely. I hope they're just old. Of course, we had to get up closer to them.

The horses were a little bit timid. Maybe just shy because they don't know us. There was a really old white horse in the back. I don't know if I got a shot of the poor thing.

Chloe's pretty thrilled about this! Her and Micaela spent some time looking and petting the horses while Bruce and I went off to explore the lilac fields.

That's Bruce way, way out there in the lilac fields. I had to hurry to catch up with him.

But not before turning to snap this little shot of the girls hanging out with the horses.

A nice snapshot of some of the deep purple lilac. Notice the house in the background on the top of the hill? Must be nice!

The girls running through the lilac fields.

And some lovely white lilac.

The girls head back down the road towards the farmhouse and our car, while Bruce...

...stops yet again, to snap another shot with his beloved i-Phone.

Some pretty lavender lilac along the way.

I'm not sure what the story is here. Both Bruce and I had to take a picture of this pile of rusty cans and glass jars and bottles.

Finally, we all head back to the farmhouse and our car.

But along the way Bruce notices a blooming cactus! Isn't it beautiful?

And finally, we're back to the barn, but that's not our car. Would be nice though! I hope you enjoyed this walking field trip through Blum Ranch. When we go back for peaches in the summer, I'll be sure to take a bunch of pictures then too!


Julie said...

That farmhouse is so pretty...I want you to have it!!!
Neat to see fields of pretty. Can't wait to see the peaches! Your husband is also into nature and photography??? Your girls are so cute...I know they enjoyed the surprise of finding the hourses there!

Donna said...

That looks like fun. Was it very hot out there? I bet Chloe had lots of fun petting the horses. Those lilacs are gorgeous. You got some cool shots of cactuses.

Kelly said...

Yes, Bruce likes photography BUT he photographs what he likes, not necessarily what I like! hee-hee! Thanks for the compliments on the kidos Julie!

Hey Donna, nope it wasn't too hot. It was really nice actually. It's about 3200 feet there, maybe that's why? I'm so glad you liked the pics. The lilacs smelled so nice!

Donna said...

Do you get to pick your own peaches at the farm? That would be really fun! Yes, I imagine the lilacs smelled just divine. I'm afraid to grow anything that isn't a succulent because of mealy bugs. It would be nice to have some lilacs going or even wisteria.

Julie said...

Hey Kelly! How are you and your family doing? I miss seeing your posts! Hope all is well. see ya soon, I hope!

Doc Martin said...

Folks: The Blum Ranch Website has moved to: please make a note of it.

Alberto Angulo Morales said...

Hi I'm Alberto Angulo Morales from

Blum Ranch is location of "A nice Place to visit" in The A-Team. Is the house of Trish Benner (JOANNA KERNS. Thanks and greetings!!

Anonymous said...

I used to work at the Blum Ranch when I was a teenager and in College. In the Spring I was there to sell the Lilacs & Tulips & Honey and in the Summer I was there along with other Acton kids packing the peaches, apples & pears. When the Fair in Lancaster came around a few of the Billets Friends went up to help polish fruit to go on display at the fair and my parents were always there to help and so did all of us kids. Lots of fun there growing up in Acton and working for Ray & Elizabeth Billet and George Blum. I was one of the lucky ones to grow up in that beautiful area and we just lived down the road . Our old Ranch is still there but it is full of homes now, but that was our stomping grounds and we knew every inch of it. I would highly suggest everyone to go visit them at the Blum Ranch, it's an old part of the Acton history!